BEFORE JOINING OV-CAN Gaming Community

    We Are NOT!

    • NOT A BABYSITTING SERVICE-  You need to take care of yourself and not require that attention be poured on you at all hours of every day. We are not interested in self-absorbed people who drain our staff's time.
    • NOT A ANGER MANAGEMENT COUNSELOR- If you hate everything and feel the constant need to demonstrate how much you OWN everyone and that you are so ELITE, you've come to the wrong place. Get into a treatment program for your personality disorder
    • We are not looking for grumps and fun-haters-Having a sense of humor is part of the game around here. You need to get along with people from all across the world. Don't overreact and become hugely offended by jokes. Relax and focus on having some fun.

    We WANT!

    • We want new members with a mature and professional attitudeThere's nothing wrong about being classy. Holding your tongue and showing a presentable face to the world impresses others and brings honor to yourself and your teammates. Style accentuates strength.
    • Team Players is what we want. (Work as a team and your closer to your victory)-Working together in battle means that you will need to show patience and execute only when the time is right. When a team covers for each other and advances as a unit, your victory is already in motion.
    • We Want easy-going people that are fun (ENJOY YOURSELF!)-Remember that the reason why we play games in the first place is to have fun, whether it be in pitched competition or the everyday pickup game. Remember to enjoy yourself and be an awesome buddy.


    Things to Consider Before You Join

    We know that this team is not for everyone and we want to ensure that you know what you're getting yourself into.

    • You will be expected to play the game on a regular basis. Whatever game you decide to play for you shall be required to play for a couple of hours a week. If you are afk you must inform a high ranking admin
    • We have zero tolerance for any form of cheating or hacking.
    • As a member of our team, you will not be allowed to Multi-Clan or joing any other organization that we have a team in or that the community plays in.
    • Our members are expected to maintain a professional level of decorum in our organization, which includes refraining from using harsh profanity and avoiding any dishonorable actions.
    • For competitive players, we promote a culture of excellence, involving focused practice before matches, all-our effort and teamwork during matches, and thoughtful review and adjustment after matches.



      • We accept new members from all across the world.
      • You do not need the referral of an existing member.
      • There is no fee to join or to be a member.
      • Our minimum age requirement is 16 years old. Many of our members are significantly older than this. If you are 15, and you are exceptionally mature for your age, you may seek a waiver of the age requirement.
      • Our TeamSpeak 3 voice server is heavily used every day. You need to have a working microphone or headset to participate on the server.


    We strongly encourage you to join our teamspeak 3 server at: ts.ov-can.com so you can meet some of our members before you join. Guests are welcomed all the time, so please stop by and introduce yourself!

    Applying to Join Our Team

    Each new prospective member is required to fill out a brief application here on our website. To do this, you must have a website account. Creating an account requires a working e-mail address and only takes five minutes. We will send important updates about your application progress to your e-mail, so please use your real address.

    Are You Ready to Join OV-CAN Gaming Community?

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OV-Can Gaming Community was founded by Birddog and Hellblazer in 2001. They wanted OV-Can to be something more then just a clan but a family whose all time goal was to enjoy themselves and just kick it with the boys.In 2017, OV-Can was created into a gaming community by the means of not just being skillfull on the battle field but showing love, compassion, and exceptional support from every single member of the community.

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